Providing Clean Energy from Saudi Arabia to the world

National Solar Systems is a limited liability company formally established in 2004 and based in Dammam 2nd Industrial City, Saudi Arabia, with full in-house capability to engineer, supply, install, and support all types of solar systems ranging from small off-grid systems to large utility scale grid-connected installations. With ten years in the business and over 15 years of staff experience in photovoltaic and solar thermal applications,

NSS has become Saudi Arabia’s leading solar systems integrator providing complete energy solutions and applying the most advanced techniques and utilizing the latest technological advancement in the photovoltaic industry While operating mainly in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the company has the potential and the capability to execute projects in the MENA region.



NSS is a registered ISO-9001:2008 organization operating under a strict quality management system providing the highest level of quality service to a wide range of clients in the industrial, commercial, agricultural and residential sectors. NSS has several strategic partnership and collaboration agreements with several international corporations in the field of solar energy which enables the successful implementation of virtually any size systems from small stand-alone systems to large grid-connected systems in the MW capacity range.

The services provided by NSS are typically turn-key solutions and include but not limited to the following:

- Engineering and design services
- Manufacturing
- Material supply and component sales
- Installation services and supervision
- Commissioning and start-up services
- Operations and Maintenance

Alternative Energy

Alternative Energy is any form of energy derived from non-conventional fossil fuel sources including solar, wind, biofuel, geothermal, tidal power and several others. Each type of energy is suitable for certain environments and certain regions depending on the climatic and geographical characteristics of the region.
Compared to conventional fossil fuels, alternative energy systems such as solar systems are :

Clean: they don’t harm the environment by producing toxic gases and don’t contribute to greenhouse effects as the case in burning crude or fuel oil.

Renewable: they never run out and require no fueling. Nor do they use up natural resources.

Economical on the long run: Although higher initial cost they have little or no operating expenses, which means no monthly billing.

In the Middle East, Solar Energy is by far the most practical and most suitable alternative to conventional power this is largely due to the fact that solar irradiation in this region is relatively high making it more economical to apply than other regions of the world. A solar system in Saudi Arabia can produce 3 times the power produced from the same system in Northern Europe for example.

The two main types of solar energy are Photovoltaic (PV) and solar Thermal. In PV applications, electric power is generated, while in thermal applications, heat is generated for water heating and building heating systems.